Don’t let the sarcasm and posts about my dog or pajama pants fool you — I have over 10 years experience coaching clients through their career and leadership development and interacting with employers and organizational leaders. Interested in working with someone who can help you figure out what to do with your life, how to get to where you want to go, or figure yourself out a little better? Here are some things we can talk about together:

  • Figuring out your natural talents–what you’re so good at you barely have to think about it– and how to identify and incorporate those talents into your work and life, using the CliftonStrengths assessment
  • How to use your strengths in your career, from individual contributions to leading, managing, and supervising a team
  • All kinds of career development: resume writing, interviewing, networking, job searching, and career management
  • Charged with leading a group of people? Human relationships are hard. But leadership is a set of learned skills and behaviors… not a mystical, natural talent that only a few charismatic people possess. Let’s work together to figure out how you can lead in a way that feels more like “you” and less like trying to imitate what some dude says on that Forbes article you just googled, while also leaving your team feeling motivated and supported

Sounds good, but what does this all cost?

There’s a lot of career and leadership advice out there. Some of it is even good! Deciding to pay someone to help you delve deeper into your specific personality and circumstances is a big decision. Contact me if you’re interested in learning more – I’m happy to chat with you to hear what you’re looking for and if I can help, no obligation (promise).

If you decide to go for it, rates for individual coaching sessions vary depending on topic and need. Packages with multi-session discounts are available.