Weekly recap(s) [7.5.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola the aussiedoodle lies on the bed with her two front paws crossed
Mondays, amirite?

Grateful for:

Girls weekend! I met up with two friends of mine who I’ve known for nearly 30 years. We rented a little cabin in the driftless region in southwestern Wisconsin. It was sorta in the middle of nowhere, making it sorta perfect.

The Mississippi River, between Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin and McGregor, Iowa
Mississippi River… to the left is Wisconsin and to the right, Iowa.

Favorite eats:

Brunch at Market Street Diner. After I made my way through all the breakfast fare I sampled no less than 4 desserts. So basically, I had chocolate cake and sugar cookies for breakfast.


Does “office housework” hurt your career?
Since I volunteered to bring in the monthly birthday treats on Monday this article was especially timely for me. My approach generally is to contribute to office housework once in awhile, to be a team player, but to mindful of focusing my energy on my bigger picture goals, priorities, and projects most of the time.

Related-ish: Why women should stop apologizing.
“The sorrys are taking up airtime that should be used for making logical, declarative statements, expressing opinions and relaying accurate impressions of what we want.”

You are allowed to make changes in your life without owing anyone anything.

Stop what you’re doing because Rashida Jones wrote a guide on how to be happy at work. [via Holly Would If She Could]
“I try to remind myself that happiness is not the endgame.”


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