Weekly recap [6.21.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola the aussiedoodle rests her head on the couch cushions and armrest

Grateful for:

First (official) day of summer! It’s 84 and beautiful out today.

Blue summer sky dotted with light white clouds
My backyard right now.

Kenny Chesney live at Lambeau Field! I was standing in Lambeau with my friend and realized that the reason I love seeing Kenny Chesney so much is that he’s a fun and high energy performer, of course, with songs that I love, of course, but most importantly, he is full of gratitude and positivity.

Kenny Chesney swings over Lambeau Field at night during a concert
Can you see him????

Favorite eats:

Tailgating food before Kenny Chesney! It involved Frito’s Cheddar Cheese dip, chips, Hot Tamales, peanut butter M&Ms, Chips Ahoy, and absolutely nothing healthy. Not stuff I eat often anymore but it was perfect.


Researched-backed ways to be happier.

I love a good morning routine. This is Ivanka Trump’s.

Bodies: They’re pretty magical.


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