Weekly recap [6.14.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola, an aussiedoodle, sits on a chair and looks out the window

Grateful for:

On Thursday I headed up to Green Bay to visit with my parents before a presentation in Door County on Friday morning. During the three days I was up there my mom and I fit in a three mile dog walk, some dinners out, and a trip to the Green Bay Farmers Market on Saturday before I headed home. I love that the GB Farmers Market is big enough to have a variety of vendors but is spread out enough and small enough that you can easily pick up exactly what you need + a few treats along the way.

Favorite eats:

Last weekend we had guests and I was feeling lazy and didn’t do our weekly Sunday meal planning and cookup session. So most of this week was spent scrounging around in the kitchen for something to eat.

My mom and I ate at Bleu last Thursday. I had the Sunny Side up Burger – a burger topped with avocado, cheddar cheese, bacon, and an egg. It was delicious but my favorite were the super skinny fries on the side.

But my absolute most favorite thing about eating there was the decor. It’s located in an old granary so it had this modern rustic thing going on. The ceiling was made of a bunch of old doors in all sorts of colors! Wish I had taken a pic.


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