Weekly recap [6.7.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola the dog sits in front of a bonfire outside in the grass
Bonfire season has officially begun.

Grateful for:

A weekend with friends! Some of our friends were recently married and we were unable to make the trip to Punta Cana to be there on their day. Lucky for us, they paid us a visit this weekend and it was so fun to hear about their wedding and  catch up.

We ate out a ton, which is a rare treat. We started at Gates and Brovi on Friday night, had brunch at Bassett Street Brunch Club on Saturday morning, and finished our evening at Forequarter.

In between all the eats, we did some outdoor yoga on the lake, went to the Farmer’s Market, took a walk down State Street and looked at the cars parked for the Cars on State car show, sipped beers at New Glarus Brewing Co., and ended our day with a bonfire in the backyard.

It was fun to sort of be a tourist in our own town.

Favorite eats:

Friday night at Gates and Brovi I had bluegill fish fry – a Sconnie tradition.

I also had this drink on Saturday at Forequarter, which include hibiscus ice and mint:

Slushy pink hibiscus ice with a mint leaf in a clear jar on a blue table.

At New Glarus Brewing Co. I had the Wisconsin Belgian Red, a beer made with Wisconsin cherries. YES.

(New Glarus beer is only distributed in Wisconsin so if you don’t live here, you obviously need to move.)


This article about Stitch Fix and other online subscription clothing services had so much in it. Not just about how retail is changing but about our relationship with shopping and the buying experience.

Can’t cook? I can’t either. I was intrigued by this Lifehacker post about the best beginner cookbooks.

How to avoid gossip.


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