Weekly recap [5.10.15]

[Sorry for the late post… computer completely died last night!]

Weekly dog:

Lola the dog rides in the front seat of the car.
Going to work.

Grateful for:

Yogadownload.com podcasts – I’ve been trying (and often failing) to start practicing yoga at home. Practicing entirely on my own, outside of a class and outside of a studio, requires a lot of thinking. I did one of these 20 minute, free podcasts and it was easy to follow without having to worry about what pose to do next.

Favorite eats:

One my favorite things to make is Kalua Pork because it is easy, it involves bacon, and it provides lots of protein for the week (so I don’t have to think too much about meals). It’s versatile, so it can be combined and eaten lots of ways. My favorite thing is to bake some plaintains, add some guac and salsa, and get it into my mouth ASAP.


Things that are worth doing can be both irritating and awesome at the same time. Often times it’s about momentum… if I’m lounging around I want to keep lounging around, even when I know motivating myself to get up and do something fun or productive is the thing that will make me happier. (via Yes and Yes)

Ugh, chores. I try to adhere to “School 1” when it comes to division of duties. (via Capitol Hill Style)

Did you see the NY Times article on nail salons? A reminder that “luxuries” don’t come without cost and that thinking about how to make work happier or more fulfilling is a privilege when so many workers are exploited and subject to unsafe conditions.


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