Week in review 4.26.15

Weekly dog:


Grateful for:

This week was extra busy at work so I was grateful for a friend date on Thursday night. I was dead tired heading over to the coffee shop where we had decided to meet but energized after just an hour of catching up.

Favorite eats:
BBQ Pork sandwich and sweet potato fries at Alchemy Cafe. A rare meal out. Since completing Whole30 in January we usually eat almost all our meals at home.

A couple weeks ago this article about a woman who wears the same thing to work everyday was all over my Facebook feed and blog reader. Then I read this article about trading in a closet full of clothes for a capsule wardrobe and both have me thinking I need to do some pretty drastic work in my closet. (I recently ordered this book because it seems like everyone on the internet is raving about its magic. So we’ll see…)

Is it harder to maintain friendships in your 30s? I think it’s definitely more difficult to maintain friendships post-college and even more difficult once kids are involved. But I don’t know if I can settle for only “quickie friendships” in my own life. Though I do love the idea of having some “errand friends” to at least make those chores more fun.


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