We need to talk about these pants

express mid rise jersey sash pant comfortable pant work pant

These pants

I bought them even though I am typically not pro-pleat.

Here is what I’ve discovered:
  • ¬†Elastic waistband – YES
  • Actual, functional pockets – YES (none of that lady pant mini/fake pocket BS)
  • Flowy material that feels like pajamas, is machine washable, and doesn’t need ironing – YES, YES, YES

That’s it, really. That’s all it takes to make my Friday.

So to summarize, these pants are awesome and even though I’m not sure they are flattering they are worth it because they are basically dressy(ish) pants that feel like pajamas and hips and fit don’t matter when work pants are this comfortable.

(Pro-tip: I got my pair in person, like IN AN ACTUAL MALL, a place I haven’t been since 2001, and they were on the clearance rack and marked down even further than they are online.)

Another similar pair here.


Weekly recap [8.2.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola the dog sits on a messy bed and looks out the window.
Keeping an eye on the construction next door.

Grateful for:

A long list this week! Trying to make up for lost time and skipped recaps ūüôā

  • Catching up with old friends while pontooning on a beautiful Wisconsin lake in July.
  • Friends whose apartment complexes have pools.
  • Getting a hint of a tan, just this once, even though it’s probably a bad idea.
  • Weekend road trips and road trip junk food. #candy #notpaleo
  • Campfires.
  • Cards Against Humanity, on a porch, on a warm summer night, with a good group of friends.
  • Homemade sangria.

Favorite eats:

Campechano tacos from Los Gemelos. Also, grilled peaches on salads and fresh peaches that are perfectly ripe (more below).


This guide for young people about what to do with your life is actually a great guide for anyone trying to figure out what to do with their life.

How to live richly and avoid regret… a guide to living in Covey’s Quadrant II. “You must untangle yourself, still all other voices, and go to the deepest place within to know what’s important and urgent in your unique and singular life.”

The joy of eating peaches. One of my favorite summer fruits.

Weekly recap [7.12.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola the dog lies on the back of the couch while her "cousin" Moose the puggle lies on the couch.
Hanging out with her cousin Moose the Puggle.

Grateful for: 

Reuniting with old friends. This weekend we celebrated the marriage of two good friends and got to hang out with friends from high school, people we’ve known for over 15 years and now only see once a year or two. Being back at our friends parents’ house brought back a lot of fun memories.

Picture of a pond with reflections of two trees, people standing on a small dock, and a farm in the background on a summer evening.

Favorite eats:

Spicy elk burger at Titletown Brewing Company, one of our favorite Green Bay spots.


Two minute habits for happiness. Loved this.

Weekly recap(s) [7.5.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola the aussiedoodle lies on the bed with her two front paws crossed
Mondays, amirite?

Grateful for:

Girls weekend! I met up with two friends of mine who I’ve known for nearly 30 years. We rented a little cabin in the driftless region in southwestern Wisconsin. It was sorta in the middle of nowhere, making it sorta perfect.

The Mississippi River, between Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin and McGregor, Iowa
Mississippi River… to the left is Wisconsin and to the right, Iowa.

Favorite eats:

Brunch at Market Street Diner. After I made my way through all the breakfast fare I sampled no less than 4 desserts. So basically, I had chocolate cake and sugar cookies for breakfast.


Does “office housework” hurt your career?
Since I volunteered to bring in the monthly birthday treats on Monday this article was especially timely for me. My approach generally is to contribute to office housework once in awhile, to be a team player, but to mindful of focusing my energy on my bigger picture goals, priorities, and projects most of the time.

Related-ish: Why women should stop apologizing.
“The sorrys are taking up airtime that should be used for making logical, declarative statements, expressing opinions and relaying accurate impressions of what we want.”

You are allowed to make changes in your life without owing anyone anything.

Stop what you’re doing because Rashida Jones wrote a guide on how to be happy at work. [via Holly Would If She Could]
“I try to remind myself that happiness is not the endgame.”

Weekly recap [6.21.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola the aussiedoodle rests her head on the couch cushions and armrest

Grateful for:

First (official) day of summer! It’s 84 and beautiful out today.

Blue summer sky dotted with light white clouds
My backyard right now.

Kenny Chesney live at Lambeau Field! I was standing in Lambeau with my friend and realized that the reason I love seeing Kenny Chesney so much is that he’s a fun and high energy performer, of course, with songs that I love, of course, but most importantly, he is full of gratitude and positivity.

Kenny Chesney swings over Lambeau Field at night during a concert
Can you see him????

Favorite eats:

Tailgating food before Kenny Chesney! It involved Frito’s Cheddar Cheese dip, chips, Hot Tamales, peanut butter M&Ms, Chips Ahoy, and absolutely nothing healthy. Not stuff I eat often anymore but it was perfect.


Researched-backed ways to be happier.

I love a good morning routine. This is Ivanka Trump’s.

Bodies: They’re pretty magical.

Weekly recap [6.14.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola, an aussiedoodle, sits on a chair and looks out the window

Grateful for:

On Thursday I headed up to Green Bay to visit with my parents before a presentation in Door County on Friday morning. During the three days I was up there my mom and I fit in a three mile dog walk, some dinners out, and a trip to the Green Bay Farmers Market on Saturday before I headed home. I love that the GB Farmers Market is big enough to have a variety of vendors but is spread out enough and small enough that you can easily pick up exactly what you need + a few treats along the way.

Favorite eats:

Last weekend we had guests and I was feeling lazy and didn’t do our weekly Sunday meal planning and cookup session. So most of this week was spent scrounging around in the kitchen for something to eat.

My mom and I ate at Bleu last Thursday. I had the Sunny Side up Burger Рa burger topped with avocado, cheddar cheese, bacon, and an egg. It was delicious but my favorite were the super skinny fries on the side.

But my absolute most favorite thing about eating there was the decor. It’s located in an old granary so it had this modern rustic thing going on. The ceiling was made of a bunch of old doors in all sorts of colors! Wish I had taken a pic.

Weekly recap [6.7.15]

Weekly dog:

Lola the dog sits in front of a bonfire outside in the grass
Bonfire season has officially begun.

Grateful for:

A weekend with friends! Some of our friends were recently married and we were unable to make the trip to Punta Cana to be there on their day. Lucky for us, they paid us a visit this weekend and it was so fun to hear about their wedding and  catch up.

We ate out a ton, which is a rare treat. We started at Gates and Brovi on Friday night, had brunch at Bassett Street Brunch Club on Saturday morning, and finished our evening at Forequarter.

In between all the eats, we did some outdoor yoga on the lake, went to the Farmer’s Market, took a walk down State Street and looked at the cars parked for the Cars on State¬†car show, sipped beers at¬†New Glarus Brewing Co., and ended our day with a bonfire in the backyard.

It was fun to sort of be a tourist in our own town.

Favorite eats:

Friday night at Gates and Brovi I had bluegill fish fry – a Sconnie tradition.

I also had this drink on Saturday at Forequarter, which include hibiscus ice and mint:

Slushy pink hibiscus ice with a mint leaf in a clear jar on a blue table.

At New Glarus Brewing Co. I had the Wisconsin Belgian Red, a beer made with Wisconsin cherries. YES.

(New Glarus beer is only distributed in Wisconsin so if you don’t live here, you obviously need to move.)


This article about Stitch Fix and other online subscription clothing services had so much in it. Not just about how retail is changing but about our relationship with shopping and the buying experience.

Can’t cook? I can’t either. I was intrigued by this Lifehacker post about the best beginner cookbooks.

How to avoid gossip.